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The Makeovers

On a recent Sunday, we gathered several women undergoing cancer treatment and a few Look Good Feel Better volunteers. We talked about how the impact of cancer treatment, seen on the outside, made them feel on the inside. How it shook their confidence. Their self-esteem. Their will. Then, we went to work. And better began.


The Workshops

Look Good Feel Better’s free workshops, run by caring, volunteer beauty professionals, teach women with cancer to manage the appearance side effects of treatment, including instruction to address changes in skin, hair loss and nails, as well as tips on wardrobe/styling to cope with weight gain or loss, and surgical changes.
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  • You have the capacity to take one from the devastation of the diagnosis and the effects of chemo to a hope for the future. Thank you.

    Virginia, Burlington NC
  • It’s comforting to know that there are people who volunteer their time to show us that you can still look great when you look in the mirror! What a blessing and joy that is!  LGFB, I am thankful and smiling! 

    Yvonne, South Point OH
  • This program lifted my spirits and gave me a renewed sense of self. It made me feel beautiful again.

    Julie, Loceland CO
  • This class helps women see that even though we are having to go through this doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves and who we are. It lets us be beautiful and full of life again.

    Donna, St. George UT
  • I had the best time. The instructors made our bare skin so lovely and our bald heads so beautiful.

    Norma, Manson IA
  • I’ve had my first of six doses of chemotherapy, and I know there are dark days ahead, but my makeup is in the cabinet next to my early morning pills. That will remind me, first thing, that I am not alone.

    Laura, Midway KY

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Our Mission

The Look Good Feel Better program was founded in 1989 on the premise that helping people with cancer to look more like themselves helps them feel better by improving their self-esteem and giving them the courage and confidence to cope with their disease and treatments. Help us help better begin.